Saturday, October 6, 2012

Upon review of the third-generation iPad (iPad 3)

Many of you know that the iPad 2 sold today is a revision that was made ​​earlier this year to reduce costs, solve small problems and increase the battery life of the device.

Apparently, Apple is thinking of doing something similar with the third-generation iPad, which already has seven months of life full of success. However, recent rumors suggest that Apple company is not willing to wait until the anniversary date, but if you are thinking that review out soon.

The New New iPad?

In August, iMore digital publication reported that the change would come powered by the incorporation of the new connector Lightning. Now, in some of the analytical application developers who are testing, have begun to appear in entries which show a mysterious executions iPad 3.6. Coincidentally, this device mounts the powerful A6 chip, presented by the iPhone 5 last month.

revision ipad 3 621x350 Sobre la revisión del iPad de tercera generación (iPad 3)

Some analysts call it iPad 3 , stage II or Revision A, for lack of a better term to define it. The funny thing is that Apple is taking very seriously this improvement, and substantial changes are expected beyond the connector or the presence Lightning A6 processor in its bowels.

For example, there is speculation about the possibility of a universal LTE chip, that works in all countries, designed by Qualcomm. There is also talk of design improvements for the device discards less heat.

But let's stop and think for a moment. Should Apple wait until age one, and perhaps launch this review with a hypothetical iPad 4 , but with a reduction in the price succulent? Last year it went very well the play. What do you think?

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