Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Unlock your iPhone forever release by IMEI

iphone4liberado Libera tu iPhone para siempre: liberación por IMEI

The most repeated question in our contact form is "How I can unlock my iPhone [operator x] with X and iOS baseband XX.XX.XX?", Most seek a response related to the jailbreak, a few years ago could be released by jailbreak iPhones and use it with any operator, for almost two years that we have no such release.

Following this came the releases by IMEI , which are actually better than the software release but in return you have to pay a price (unless you have completed your term contract). A release by IMEI is the release that occurs directly from the operator, which is permanent and forever, you can update your iOS, your baseband, etc.. and do not need jailbreak, works on all iPhones. In other terminals this would be equivalent to liberation by code in the iPhone is done using iTunes.

Advantages: lasts forever, does not depend on jailbreak, you can go abroad and buy a prepaid SIM and have a data connection, and above all, revalues ​​the value of your terminal, a free iPhone sold much better in the market used an iPhone locked to a company.

Ways to unlock your iPhone by IMEI:

If you finish your term contract with the operator can call your company and you release the terminal that you bought them yourself, no good if your iPhone has had another owner before or not a customer of that company.

If your contract is in effect yet, or your iPhone is bought used or from another country can purchase the release from an online store. The problem used to be the price, which was around € 100, stores are popping up lately that make for very small prices, for example, releases iPhones Movistar Spain for only € 8 and iPhones AT & T USA for 17 € ($ 23 ), the truth is that it is the best price we've seen on the Internet, but there are many other shops, if you know any cheaper gnzlactualidadiphone enviadmela by email (at) and put it in the post. Some releases such as Vodafone or Orange Spain still cost about 150 €, hopefully lower the price soon because for 8 € certainly worthwhile, but not more than 100 €.

If you have doubts we can do a walkthrough of the process, I recently released my iPhone by this method and I have prepared catches.

Link - liberaiphoneimei

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