Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Trick to write more quickly tildes from your iPad

Given the positive reception we've had through different pathways in the release of little tricks for newcomers to iOS, as we publish about sending more than five photos in an e-mail without jailbreak, today we will tell you how to write words with tildes in a fast and simple ( valid only for the iPad virtual keyboard ).

As you know, if you keep pressing "key" of a vowel, it will open a dropdown with different side digits we can use with that voice, including the accents. Well, there is a way to buy time in this regard, and is as follows:

Rather than hold the key for one second of the vowel, only have to press it and move your finger up the screen without lifting it. Thus, the stressed vowel write directly, without having to search for and select it from the dropdown menu above.

While at first it may be rare and you will notice that the custom of the previous system to forget this trick will not desist because once you get used to using it you will gain a lot of time because you will keep writing without stoppages.

You know also that the search type a web address in Safari, if you keep the button pressed. "Com", opens a dropdown with the different endings of a web page? These are:.'s,. Net,. Eu,. Net ,. edu and. org.

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