Sunday, October 7, 2012

Trick to send more than 5 photos in the mail in iOS

It is possible that many of you may know this "trick", but as we know that not all of us are experienced users you visit, we will share it with you.

By default, iOS only lets you share up to 5 photos by email (at least from the direct option from the Photos application), but luckily, there are a couple of ways to get rid of this limitation (without jailbreak).

The first advantage of the new features of iOS 6, although admittedly it is a bit heavy, and is that from within the email that we are creating, we can insert photos or videos by holding the screen and moving us to the second screen options.

This way, you will access our photo gallery and you can select, one at a time though, all the photos you want.

The second option is more convenient and faster. For her, we just have to go to the Photos app, and act as if we were to share photos by email (Edit button> select all the photos you want to send> Share button), but in this case, as to be selected more than 5 photos the option to share the mail not appear, we have to use the Copy option.

Now all we will go to our e-mail and use the Paste button, seeing all the photos appear on the screen. As always, once we give the send button, we send them in three different sizes.

Had some knowledge? Narrow little trick? It's simple, but I can sure come in handy sometime.

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