Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tip: using the built-in dictionary in iOS

We continue with our share of tricks to iOS , this time it is the turn to useful and unknown which brings integrated iOS Dictionary. Yes, additional applications without full and Spanish.

This dictionary is accessible from most applications that use text and allow us to select words individually, so you can use it for example, while you sail by Internet in Safari, in a text note or a book from iBooks.

To access it, just have to select the desired word and move to the second part of the menu (if you're in landscape mode will directly), there you will find the "Define."

If this is the first time accedéis, first you will have to download the dictionary, a process that will take place in a short time but it requires an Internet connection.

Once downloaded, the rest of times accedáis will not need to access the Internet for a definition, so I will direct the word you've selected.

Simple? Truth? Sure you can be very useful for finding definitions it quickly and without having to leave the application that you are.

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