Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tip: Add shortcuts to your favorite pages to your Springboard

The other day we mentioned a little trick to download and save files directly from Safari for iOS . This is not the only trick that hides Safari, and we can save a website I visit often in the form of app to launch it directly from the Springboard.

Perhaps visit some websites soles continuously failing a specific application for it. Some time ago I was going through Hotmail, for example. Well, with a few simple steps can create a shortcut in the form of app.

First, we must open Safari and enter the website you want to save. Once the page loads, we click on the Share icon, located at the bottom of the screen.

We presented several options, among which there is titled "Add to Home". If you click on it, we can add a title and immediately link will appear on our menu of apps, with the ability to move it to the folder or location you want. This shortcut behaves like an application, so if you want to disappear from the Springboard we just have to hold down any app and give it to the cross in the upper left to clear.

If desconocíais this option or not you remembered it, hope you helps!

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