Thursday, October 4, 2012

Tim Cook returns to reward their employees with vacation extras

 Tim Cook vuelve a premiar a sus empleados con vacaciones extras

Apple employees receive good news once again by Tim Cook. A year ago, to take power after the death of Steve Jobs, Cook awarded to employees working from offices of the company with paid vacation during the week of Thanksgiving. Thus, the new CEO of Apple wanted to recognize the crucial role they play in the success of the company.

This year Cook has returned to paid leave to announce Apple employees: not only the U.S., but this time all international employees will benefit from Apple "Cook gift".

So, all those company employees working from offices, enjoy a full week of vacation during the Thanksgiving day. The store employees will remain in their posts, as these days are of great commercial activity in the country. Yes, you can enjoy three extra days of vacation at any other time.

Moreover, workers perform their tasks from other countries can ask their bosses or managers paid extras this holiday s. Tim Cook reported that within days of Apple's internal network will be updated with more information.

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Source- MacRumors

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