Friday, October 5, 2012

Tim Cook's letter commemorating the figure of Steve Jobs

Screen Shot 2012 10 05 at 12.22.34 PM La carta de Tim Cook que conmemora la figura de Steve Jobs

As part of Apple's homage to the figure of Steve Jobs, we have included a public letter of the current CEO, Tim Cook. In this paper, the head of Apple insists that the values ​​that founded Apple was still alive, despite the death of Jobs.

But the letter, published on the official website of Apple, provides very interesting clues about the future of Apple. According to Cook, "new products that have dreamed already underway." This is the full letter translated into Castilian:

"A message from Tim Cook, Apple's CEO.

The death of Steve Jobs last year was a time of sadness and trouble us.

I hope today everyone remember his remarkable life and all that he did for a better world.

One of the best gifts you gave the world Steve was Apple. No other company in the world has managed to inspire so much creativity or has set such high standards. Our values, which are rooted in Steve Jobs and spirit, form the basis of Apple forever. We share the privilege and responsibility to carry on his legacy in the future.

I am very satisfied with the work we are doing, creating products that our customers love and devising new ones that are coming. This is a wonderful tribute to the memory of Steve and everything he represented.

Tim ".

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