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Tim Cook and Peter Oppenheimer defend the price of iPad Mini

ipad mini blanco plata Tim Cook y Peter Oppenheimer defienden el precio del iPad Mini

After presenting the iPad Mini and the announcement of the sale price was expected that people would doubt if it really worth paying that amount for the tablet, given that competition selling "like" at a relatively lower.

During the conference that gave Apple its economic performance was present for questions and answers. Of course the question came about the price of iPad Mini and both Peter Oppenheimer and Tim Cook had the opportunity to say a few words about the price of the tablet.

Apple senior managers talk about the philosophy that Apple has continued to create the iPad Mini

The question that started the statements of managers was conducted by Steve Milunovich, analyst at UBS:

"You say the iPad Mini is priced very agreviso, but many people on the street seems to have a different view Could you talk a bit about his philosophy of prices? Was it driven by the cost of manufacture or is just a way of maintaining signal quality product, given the actual quality of the product? "

ipad mini blanco6 Tim Cook y Peter Oppenheimer defienden el precio del iPad Mini

The first to answer the question was Peter Oppenheimer:

"When we created the Mini iPad project, do not think about creating a cheaper tablet. We carry the full experience on the iPad to a smaller product, as expected by our customers. As a result, the difference between the iPad Mini and competition is deep. The iPad Mini has a 7.9 inch screen, 35% bigger that 7-inch tablets available, which offers a much better experience. In addition, the tablet has two powerful cameras: FaceTime HD in the front and a rear 5 megapixel iSight able to capture on camera 1080p "generic" competition. It also has dual-band WiFi and A5 processor that offer faster performance than the competition. Finally, the end just with polished aluminum body unidoby is impressive when held in hand. "

In addition, Oppenheimer added that manufacturing costs are higher iPad Mini, reducing profit margins for Apple. He also notes that they are working to fix this issue by improving the device fabrication processes.

Apple CEO Tim Cook said:

"One of the things we try to create a product that people love and to continue to use months and years after purchase. The iPad Mini is designed for that and the clearest way to see what really works is to look at the usage statistics standard iPad. As we mentioned this week, over 90% of web traffic from tablets belong to the iPad. Apple is not going to make a product for the customer who pays for it is not satisfied. Not the experience we are buscanods, we want our customers to be happy with the products for which they pay. We encourage you to use an iPad Mini and I do not intend to use something else afterwards. "

Basically, Cook is saying that Apple is not trying to compete on price with other Android tablets on the market. According to their reasoning, people tend to stop using these products time after purchase, because the experience is poor and poor build quality.

The Apple iPad Mini has a starting price of 329 €, 70 € less than the iPad 2 which is still on sale and 130 € more expensive than Google's Android tablets and Amazon. This is why there are so many criticisms of the Apple product.

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