Sunday, October 7, 2012

Three devices that would go wrong with the launch of the iPad Mini

As you know, in the last days are appearing fairly reliable rumors about a possible new Apple product. These would be the iPad Mini , a 7.85-inch tablet directly enter fully into the successful market that succeed and other devices.

Many will agree that the price will be the determining factor in deciding the success or failure of this iPad Mini. Of course, Apple knows this perfectly and it would be wise to think of a price that would be around 200-250 dollars for the most basic model. If so, this Christmas would very likely be razed in sales and reviews.

However, someone may not be happy with all this. Obviously, we refer to the tablets of the competition, they would see as a land in which they had to deal with Apple, now is no longer the preserve of the hunt.

dispositivos dano ipad mini Tres dispositivos que lo pasarían mal con el lanzamiento del iPad Mini

One is Amazon, whose Kindle Fire HD is winning. At around $ 200, offers the entire ecosystem of U.S. web portal content. Many Apple fans have bought, they could not spend more on an iPad. But surely this would change when the iPad Mini lanzase.

The second player in contention is RIM, which this year is having a pretty bad due to the drop in sales of its once powerful BlackBerry. Their PlayBook tablet is not rearing its head, far from competing proposals.

The third, and you may surprise many, is the iPod Touch. Indeed, often the input device to the Apple world, and costs about what this would cost new iPad Mini. However, it offers much less than they could make a miniature tablet from Apple company.

What do you think? Do you really see an iPad Mini next month?

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