Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The website reserves the iPhone in Spain and works

reserva iphone La web de reservas del iPhone en España ya funciona

After a long wait in which no Apple Store in Spain seems to have stock of the iPhone 5, it seems that things are starting to normalize. That's what leads us to think the terminal booking site in Spain, where it has not worked until today.

To book an iPhone just have to indicate the store in which you want to collect, model, units (two at most) and your contact details. With that, your phone is supposed to be reserved.

Unfortunately and hope I'm wrong, this page invites us to think that Apple is calming terminal demand with false hopes. A reservation should be a reservation, however, after filling the form we read the following:

If you email me it has not been able to book and will have to try again later

That is, if the stores are still receiving stock today, our efforts will be in vain booking. Instead of following a logical order delivery, Apple wants rellenemos form again and again. Again, hope I'm wrong and the stores get their stock today.

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