Saturday, October 6, 2012

The production of the iPhone 5 is compromised by a strike by workers at Foxconn

 La producción del iPhone 5 se ve comprometida por una huelga de trabajadores de Foxconn

Just yesterday we told you about the poor organization of Apple to sell the iPhone 5 in Spain and today we bring a new news that could further complicate the situation: thousands of Foxconn workers have gone on strike.

Apparently, the factory employees complain about the high levels of quality of Apple products that have to assemble without receiving proper training. They are also upset with the pace of work during the days before the launch of the terminal and that have not been enjoying vacations during the national holiday of their country.

It is unclear when the more than three thousand workers resume their workdays but what is clear is that the delivery dates of the iPhone 5 might be resentful. The terminal stock is scarce in many stores in Spain have just received units since its launch last Friday and Apple customers start to complain to the impossibility of taking the iPhone 5.

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Source - Antena 3

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