Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The power of the iPhone 5 hacked Lightning

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I already had long reported that the new iPhone 5 Cable Lightning had a chip could prevent copying. In theory it was over buy cables cheap Chinese online stores ... In theory.

This is like the jailbreak, Apple sets its standards and that can be the jump: have managed to hack the chip cable, or directly to get a copy of the same factory ... Apple wanted to sell them at $ 30 and see who will have accessories, if all are worth more than 30 euros is impossible. Personally I'm glad you hack. The company is looking after your pocket and I go mine.

The first thing they did with this chip is a cable with LED lights. Hopefully you do much more and that we continue accessories at reasonable prices, I took 3 years with a dock for 3 euros and I'm very happy with it. If you want to see the website of the authors can do by clicking here.

More - Lighting Dock, the first unofficial dock for iPhone 5

Source - iClarified

Article cable of iPhone 5 hacked Lightning was originally published in News iPhone .

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