Friday, October 19, 2012

The new trailer for Angry Birds: Star Wars Princess Leia

If you wonder what has been the most successful game in the world of smartphones, surely all count him clear: Angry Birds. Some will love it and some will hate it, but few can say they have not thrown a little game of the famous game birds against pigs.

Of course, the guys at Rovio not going to sit idly. Seeing as people want more and more levels and challenges for the entire family of games based on these curious characters, have decided to take the version of Angry Birds based on the Star Wars saga.

angry birds star wars leia 560x350 El nuevo trailer de Angry Birds: Star Wars con la Princesa Leia

Specifically, the game will be released on November 8th worldwide, and will be available for iPhone and iPad . Of course, we know it will become a best seller from the start.

Meanwhile, what do you think if we take a look at the new teaser trailer? Although it can not infer anything about the gameplay, it is curious to see how the cute birds are adapting to some of the most famous scenes of the intergalactic saga.

In this particular, Luke Skywalker accesses the empire ship to rescue Princess Leia. The only thing is that ocurres this time Luke is a somewhat special ... very very quietly to go through a Storm Trooper.

For the impatient, you can enjoy some games, comics and other materials on the website of the company. In this way dropper Rovio is giving information about their new hit, this time is embodied in the form of series of adventures. What's next? Is the Lord of the Rings? Indiana Jones?? Does Harry Potter?

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