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The new maps on Apple iOS 6 also work offline

Apple maps are not going through its best. Since its launch a few weeks ago, thousands of users have been angry and disappointed with humor how the system needed a few repairs. In fact, Tim Cook himself admitted that perhaps had rushed to get their own set of maps.

However, today we learned thanks to AppleInsider that maps iOS 6 are able to function without the user is connected to the Internet. This advantage becomes important enough to surprise us that Apple has never mentioned.

mapas apple offline 1 505x350 Los nuevos mapas de Apple en iOS 6 también funcionan offline

The new maps on Apple iOS 6 also work offline

Apparently, the application itself takes care of downloading the maps that you will need to provide at all times. Thus, when we are without WiFi or without mobile coverage can pull this huge database to show in detail and definition maps the desired area.

According to preliminary information, a map piece vector technology with Apple occupies 80% less memory space than the same region in Google Maps, so the application of apple company can afford to store up to five times more data than its predecessor.

mapas apple offline 3 487x350 Los nuevos mapas de Apple en iOS 6 también funcionan offline

The test was conducted as follows. They tried to open the area map of San Francisco in airplane mode, and explore the area on the west coast of the United States up to Canada. Surprisingly, Apple maps could do this with a high level of detail. Furthermore, it does automatically, taking into account that this is a course of thousands of kilometers.

Meanwhile, the Google Maps application running in an Android was not able to do the same. We know that we can select an area of ​​80 Km and download it, but this does not hold for long journeys. We've all seen how to stay if coverage, implementing Google was forced to show the gray patches detested when he could not show a zone.

Do any of you have checked this in iOS 6?

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