Monday, October 15, 2012

The new Lexus ad uses the iPad in a very original

I'm sure you've all seen great ads that appeared a iPad . Apart from those in which competition compares their tablets with him, I mean those in which appears a tablet and automatically look for the famous Home button to make sure that it is the Apple tablet.

This time we bring you not notice those, but something different. Very original, you might say. The Lexus car company had the idea to animate an ad in a magazine by placing an iPad in the back. With a play of light and brightness of the tablet at full power, we can enjoy a magazine page with animations, flash and music.

anuncio lexus ipad El nuevo anuncio de Lexus utiliza el iPad de una forma muy original

If you manage to find the ad in Sports Illustrated, you just have to access this site from Lexus from your iPad, and do as the user of the video: lose some light and place the device in the back of this page.

According to Lexus, have spent months developing this technology, calling CinePrint Technology. In addition to this visual game we talked about, we can interact with the iPad's screen through the paper page, if this is not very thick.

Here's the video in which an active volunteer with the notice a copy of the magazine.

Do you think we'll see more ads like this in the coming months? It's not anything groundbreaking, but you have to admit that is quite original. In fact, he got to talk about it, we assume that is what is proposed.

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