Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The new iPhone 5 GPS

For some time ago was released the new iPhone 5 . This led to a series of new gadgets and applications. From new headphones for the iPhone, to the new GPS that is available to us.

Here we discuss the features of this application, the GPS called "maps" of the new iPhone 5.

As is the new GPS

In just a GPS application . You no longer have to use more hands to find a map with your iPhone, because with the new prospectus was launched, the GPS navigation voice is becoming the best known copilot. The terminal has cartogafría that is integrated into the device, designed by Apple and idicaciones by turn voice.

This new application of "maps" of iPhone 5 is vector-based operation to improve image quality. It also offers a 3D mode view of the route that includes great signs and arrows superimposed to show the right direction and the remainder of the trip.

With the new Siri voice can handle

By giving a curve, the camera angle changes to show more clearly the way. Another of the most important functions in GPS of the iPhone 5 is traffic information in real time, which even offers all the details, for example the reason for the jam.

This voice GPS navigation on the iPhone 5 Flyover complemented the program, a feature that allows you to observe large cities from the air and interactive 3D views. The aerial maps can be extended, and even turned around. Furthermore, prominently displayed in high resolution. Finally, the Siri voice assistant is also integrated into the application, so you just have to mention that this direction will lead you to the destination, is even able to find a good restaurant in the road where you travel.

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