Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The new ad Surface, Microsoft's tablet

He seems to have spent a lot of months since Microsoft presented its proposal for the world of tablet. Carries the coveted Surface showing its advantages with Windows 8 since before the summer, and only ten days left for us to prove that this is.

As many of you know, Microsoft expected tablet goes on sale on October 26, three days after Apple iPad Mini submit a course that is generating a huge buzz.

anuncio surface microsoft El nuevo anuncio de Surface, el tablet de Microsoft

In fact, we have already seen the first official announcement of Microsoft's tablet, which highlights some of its main virtues: the colors and the cover-keyboard, which will be talking about. It is true that a few days ago we showed you the first leaked ads showing the features of Windows 8, but this time the advertising focuses on the external appearance and feel of the tablet.

Here's the first official announcement of Surface, Microsoft's tablet. Personally, I expected to focus more on the applications and possibilities as productive tool, but is that going to stop all these features for future announcements.

What do you think? It may be that he wants one too moved, or frantic rhythm. What we sense is that Microsoft wants to get away from the image of serious and stagnant in the past that has been projecting over the past decade.

Is this the biggest rival to be measured with the iPad for this Christmas and the year 2013? It appears so. I sincerely believe that the key to winning will be if Windows 8 for Surface is able to offer significant developments. The battle of the high-end tablets is about to begin again.

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