Monday, October 1, 2012

The lost option with iOS iTunes Match 6: download and delete songs individually

iTunes Match, as we all know, is a music storage service in the cloud, where our songs, from whatever quarter, are stored in iCloud with the possibility to download our iOS devices or iTunes library whenever we want.

iOS 6 brings the possibility of streaming audio of our songs, and we can do it in iTunes. However, we have removed an option, at least for me, was quite necessary, and is able to select individual songs for download or deletion.

In iOS 5, along with the title of the song, the cartoon appeared in the cloud for individual download of the track, or if we had downloaded only to move the finger right on the line of the song on the list could delete.

All this has changed with the latest version of iOS, and there is no longer the possibility of unburden or delete individual songs from a particular album, we have to download or delete the whole disk.

The same applies to your playlists, so you'll have to Unload all the songs if you want to listen offline.

I do not understand Apple's decision to remove this feature that made it more comfortable choosing the songs you wanted to carry on your device, and it was much more efficient with the ability of our device. They might have thought that since the streaming audio enabled, this feature could be removed, but not for me. Not everyone has unlimited data plans will not always connected to the Internet.

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