Tuesday, October 9, 2012

The Last Express, a classic adventure for the most demanding

Already announced that the classic adventure: The Last Express had appeared in the App Store , well, we've had a chance to test it, so we tell you our impressions.

As lovers of graphic adventures, we love to appear remakes and new stories for IOS, in this case, we have a port of the original adventure, so do not expect HD graphics generation, since the originals have remained which, while not bad, yes they are special.

And we say that because we will be in an affair with fixed funds and false 3D characters will move in a "flat", giving a very curious aspect to the game in general (we took some getting used to at first).

The story takes us to the famous Orient Express train, where we had an appointment with an old friend. Arriving at his cabin, we'll find him dead, so our adventure will be to ascertain the identity of the murderer, no easy task considering that the train will cross over 30 different characters, each with "its own life ".

So what does this mean? For each of them will wander the train independently, with its own customs, crossing with other passengers and interacting with each other in their own languages.

This we will have to train recorrernos inside out, looking for clues, learning from them, knowing when to eat like the dining room or when asleep in his cabin, and thus as the story progresses, we will interact, talk, spy, flee or fight them (in plan Quick Time Events, touching certain points at the right time).

To move forward we must currárnoslo pretty as it is not an easy adventure, and is not only a matter of catching object and use X with Y, but the factor will come into play time, so I highly recommend it, but only if are fans of classic and complicated adventures.

The full game is in Castilian, both texts and voices (regardless that during our stay on the train hear many different languages), so no language problems for maximum enjoyment.

It is universal, so it works on iPhone, iPod touch and iPad.

The Last Express

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