Monday, October 29, 2012

The iPhone 5 will arrive in Mexico on November 2

iphone 54 El iPhone 5 llegará a México el 2 de noviembre

On September 12, Apple introduced the world to the new generation of iPhone. The iPhone 5 coming into the market after a few weeks, although there was a worldwide release, but have proceeded in stages. Still, they have encountered supply problems and many shops still hang the sign "not available".

Presumably this lack of units will gradually supplying as stakeholders in the terminal can be purchased with your unit. Although certainly stabilize stock still bears some weeks.

Meanwhile in other countries are waiting for the iPhone 5 and now we know that Mexico will receive shortly, namely the 2nd of November the new Apple iPhone will land in Mexico.

Mexico will get the iPhone 5 on November 2

So far no details are known about the arrival terminal, or availability, and prices or similar. All that is known is that the dealers could be preparing for a "shopping night", so those interested in taking one of the new iPhone 5 may get close to the shops on the night of 1 to 2 November to get the terminal.

For the clueless, it is important to mention that the iPhone 5 is the first smartphone from Apple Retina riding a 4-inch screen, which makes it the iPhone with the largest screen to date. Also includes one of the new A6 processor that provides a performance never before seen on a smartphone from Apple.

How many Mexican friends will be lining up to get one of the first units of the iPhone 5 in the country?

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