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The iPhone 5 in Spain · Rates and Prices

The new Apple smartphone is already among us, and many users will be thinking whether it is worth to buy it or not. Though prices and tariffs proposed operators can seem exaggerated to you, buy it free at an Apple Store goes even more expensive. It all depends, of course, the monthly expense we have in our phone bill.

tarifa iphone 5 espana 1 350x350 El iPhone 5 en España · Tarifas y precios

The Unofficial mates have summarized the options that will provide the three main operators in the country to get hold of the coveted smartphone. Let's review them.

iPhone 5 Free

The iPhone 5 is available on the Apple website, in any Apple Store or any of its retailers. Prices are high, but you may leave the accounts if you go to a virtual mobile operator which hardly anybody in the rate Monthly:

  • iPhone 5 16GB: 669 €.
  • iPhone 5 32GB: 768 €.
  • iPhone 5 64GB: 869 €.

Yes, you'll have to make you a card with Nanosim.

iPhone 5 on Vodafone

 El iPhone 5 en España · Tarifas y precios

Reestrena proposed plan, in which customers can give their iPhone 4 or 4S 16GB. In return, the mobile operator will give us the iPhone 5 with the same capacity, zero euros. However, this succulent option is only available for those willing to accept a size @ L. For other sizes, you can consult the following table.

tarifa iphone 5 espana 2 El iPhone 5 en España · Tarifas y precios

Buy your iPhone 5 with Vodafone

iPhone 5 in Orange

 El iPhone 5 en España · Tarifas y precios

With rates higher Whale Dolphin or can acquire the terminal for 119 €, where we come from another company. The other options are not as economical, and again you'll have to see if it is worth purchasing a higher rate to save you a few hundred dollars in the terminal. The following table summarizes the prices and tariffs for the iPhone 5 model with 16GB.

tarifa iphone 5 espana 3 El iPhone 5 en España · Tarifas y precios

For every increase in capacity, you must add 100 € to appear. And remember that these charges involve two-year stay.

Buy your iPhone 5 with Orange

iPhone 5 on Movistar

iphone5movistar El iPhone 5 en España · Tarifas y precios

In this case we will not discount on acquisition of certain terminal in hiring rates. But yes we can get some discounts as our consumption and minimum points available to us. You can also financed from 28 € / month (for two years).

Buy your iPhone 5 with Movistar and GIFT

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