Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The iPad Mini: The launch and performance

The new iPad Mini has been the target of many rumors in recent months you. The existence of this has been questioned and if not right, because if we consider that even Steve Jobs himself said he did not want any tablet smaller than the iPad. The iPad Mini, so an iPad is smaller and thinner, much lighter. And that will be released next October 23.

In the next post we'll talk full of new "toy" from Apple, the iPad Mini .

The Apple company has been experimenting with a tablet smaller than its current iPad long. Since 2007 began working with this size, however that project was finally proposed and the company focused on the iPhone.

In March 2012, we began to hear rumors that Apple had decided to go ahead with the iPad Mini. A much smaller iPad, with the same operating system as the iPad normal, and will have a starting price of 200-250 dollars.

There have been countless rumors filtering, and everyone assumes that the device exists and will be submitted at any time. Nothing is confirmed and until someone from the company up to a stage and we begin to talk about the new iPad Mini can not dispel the doubts.

Possible dimensions

It is expected that this screen is 7.85 inches. I suppose that the tablet should not compromising the usability of the device, but must be able to offer a total and underweight known device. The new device will seem thin and light, but the screen will give the feeling of having a larger size, thanks to the visual tricks.

That much thinner bezel thanks to the thinness of the iPad Mini and lightweight. As with the iPod Touch, that thinness allows almost entirely remove the screen bezel, which gives us a feeling that the screen is larger.

Low cost line

Given that iPad Mini would be the line of low cost, will not be too farfetched to Apple this color versions of the new tablet.

Apple may have been experimenting with a Retina display for the new iPad Mini and in the future see a display of this type in the model, but in matters of price and performance is expected that the device has a screen with a density of pixels similar to the iPhone 3GS, with a standard resolution.

There have been some rumors that Apple will not include mobile connectivity on iPad Mini to contain low manufacturing cost and to differentiate it from the current model. Keeping costs low is not a very logical reason as they may apply the same model as applied in the iPad 9.7, ie a WiFi only model and a more expensive with 3G connectivity.

Competitors of the new iPad Mini

The top competitors will be: The Nexus and Kindle Fire 7 HD, which do not have mobile connectivity, so launch the new iPad Mini with this function would be a very big point in his favor and be great for many customers undecided the time to pick one or the other model.

The launch date

On November 2 is a date that can take a lot of strength by having all the sense in the world. On Friday of the week following the presentation of the product and the company has been following this rule for their releases, so it happen again. Also allow them to arrive in time for the holiday season and if the rumors about the device just confirming that we are sure will be the best seller this Christmas.

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