Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The iPad Mini ignore accidental touches near the frame

ipad mini blanco5 El iPad Mini ignorar√° toques accidentales cerca del marco

The usual way to get an iPad is for the frame around the screen. Although many have criticized the iPad's frame is too thick, others believe it is an ideal size to take the device What about the iPad Mini and her much slimmer frame?

The iPad Mini is designed to be gripped with one hand, our hand pro you stay in the back and just be the tip of the fingers that grip the device. But Apple knows that this is not always the case and there will be times where you will need to grab it with both hands, for instance to play or just to browse.

The iPad Mini will be able to ignore accidental touches around the screen frame

Well, Apple has taken this into account and acted on that basis. According to the company, the software of the iPad Mini has added a new feature and it will be able to detect if our fingers are resting on the frame (although touch screen) or if they are really trying to do a reaction to the device.

Apple defines it as:

"It's one of those details that you will notice ... not realizing"

Definitely a great example of how the integration of hardware and software can be applied well and seems really useful in this case would be a small feature that will use an iPad Mini is something a little more comfortable.

In the case of the 9.7-inch iPad this functionality is not available, although it would not be too farfetched that a future version of the tablet to reduce its size (keeping the screen) to implement a function like this, even the iPad being a device designed to be used with two hands.

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