Saturday, October 20, 2012

The iPad Mini could become the worst nightmare of your competition

ipad mini8 El iPad Mini podría convertirse en la peor pesadilla de su competencia

It's no surprise that Apple products launches are just becoming a real blockbuster sales. Analysts believe that the arrival of the iPad Mini in stores again lining and cause the product to become a bestseller within hours of reaching the market. Also commented that the new Apple tablet will be a real headache for competition.

Shaw Wu of Sterne Agee, says the iPad Mini will hit the market with a scene where Apple's competitors are already struggling very hard to get to compete against the iPad 2, bigger and expensive options.

Recent rumors also claim that Apple could eliminate the market iPad 2 to the iPad Mini call more attention and prevent consumers have doubts when choosing your tablet.

Wu believes that Apple could even "go for the kill" and sell the iPad Mini in the same price range than its competitors ($ 199 starting both the Google Nexus 7 as the Amazon Kindle Fire HD), but the company really would not need to sacrifice their profit margin in order to sell its tablet units. Other analysts, however, think that the iPad Mini could come with a price of about $ 350, that is, with very little difference to the price of the iPad 2, which currently sells for $ 399.

Apple control the hardware and the software allows them to create amazing products with performance and stability generally superior to the competition. Apple knows advantage of this situation and use it as a marketing argument, a really convincing argument.

ipad ipad mini El iPad Mini podría convertirse en la peor pesadilla de su competencia

All indications are that Apple will get into a new war, a war for control of the market for tablets and small if we are guided by what happens with the larger screen, it is expected that Apple will steal share market to other players currently on the market.

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