Monday, October 8, 2012

The iPad Mini could be thinner than the iPad 3

ipad mini iphone 5 El iPad Mini podría ser más fino que el iPad 3

The amount of rumors that have emerged in recent weeks about the possible iPad Mini are truly amazing. Not a day which is not saying something new and now because of rumors that the "fat" of possible new tablet.

According to recent rumors, Apple will not deviate from its line in the construction of its new tablet and as usual for the company, will design standards that no other company is. Even as a tablet designed to compete with tablets made from plastic housings as the Amazon Kindle Fire HD or Google Nexus 7, the iPad Mini will be built under the most demanding standards of quality in both design and materials company attempt to reduce costs by up to compete in price also against their top rivals.

Apple could make a Mini iPad thinner than the new iPad

Analyst Brian White of Tokepa says that Apple will not spare in the aesthetics of iPad Mini and believes the device could be even thinner than the iPad 3 we already know, something that would make the device more comfortable still up to the user .

Really this is something that falls drawer. Apple is a company that puts all its attention to detail and design, so it would not have much logic as a product as rumored and expected as a small tablet, not study every last millimeter in Cupertino labs .

ipad mini2 El iPad Mini podría ser más fino que el iPad 3

According to The Wall Street Journal says, Apple would charge to Pegatron and Foxconn making ten million units of the device, which gives us an idea of ​​the expectations that are put on the iPad Mini, if these claims are true, something of which there is still no clear answer.

The Apple Store last word and if the rumors are correct, the next day 10 the company could start sending invitations for an event on October 17 , an event that supposedly will be presented the new iPad Mini.

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