Tuesday, October 2, 2012

The iPad Mini could be occurring in Brazil

ipad mini brasil El iPad Mini podría estar produciéndose en Brasil

The list of rumors and leaks about the possible iPad Mini will not stop growing. For several months, talks about the possibility that Apple is developing a new iPad. An iPad with a 7-inch screen, in order to compete with some of the tablet market players who do not fight directly with the 10-inch iPad, products like the Amazon Kindle Fire HD or Google Nexus 7.

From the Japanese blog Macotakara (half quite accurate in their forecasts and rumors about Apple products), say the iPad Mini could already be in production and have chosen your Foxconn Brazil factory for the assembly of the 7-inch tablet from Apple .

Brazil may be the country chosen to manufacture the iPad Mini

ipad mini blanco El iPad Mini podría estar produciéndose en Brasil

Perhaps this could explain why they are just filtering components of what could turn out to be the iPad Mini, something that did happen with the components of the iPhone 5, which saw almost complete before submission. Chinese factories are working longer and those who want to know the secrets of Apple before its release, and have contacts in the production lines. Contacts that can sometimes take pictures of the components, or directly to filter any of these components abroad.

If the rumors are assaulting Internet in the last hours are real, the production process should have already begun. Recall that the latest reports place the presentation of the device in two weeks and in about a month the date of arrival in stores. Given the success we are having Apple products in recent years, the company should ensure a large enough stock but want to leave people without their new iPad Mini unit.

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