Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The iPad Mini and Smart Cover already have official announcement

The iPad Mini now has its official announcement, as well as their main accessory: the Smart Cover. We must say that the first announcement seems a success. It does not boast of any features of the new Apple tablet, yet reaches directly to the heart of the consumer.

ipad mini smart cover anuncio 538x350 El iPad Mini y su Smart Cover ya tienen anuncio oficial

As you can see below, the ad begins with a user playing the piano in Garage Band from its 9.7-inch iPad. At the time, A model of iPad Mini to make the accompaniment to the song, so that it is clear that we can do the same with both devices.

This time, no signs, no narrator. Just two people playing an instrument from their iPad. Recall that exist in the App Store over 275,000 applications designed and adapted to the resolution of 1024 x 768, which is riding the new iPad Mini.

Meanwhile, the announcement of the Smart Cover is less surprising. It also sounds piano music, but does not impact as much as the first great simplicity that I have presented. It focuses on the variety of colors and the different configurations that can create folding cover.

Finally we add, for which he has not seen the video a few minutes in which the leading thinkers of Apple presented the benefits of the iPad Mini. It is a video that was presented at the end of yesterday's keynote, as a climax to summarize the features of the new Apple tablet.

What do you think of the ads? In my opinion, when viewed on television will love it. Sales at Christmas will show whether this is true or not.

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