Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The former MobileMe users pay again have 5GB iCloud

photo 576x1024 Los antiguos usuarios de pago de MobileMe volverán a tener 5 GB en iCloud

Steve Jobs acknowledged last year at the launch of iCloud at the World Developers Conference that MobileMe was not a wise move by the company. There was a quality service and cloud Apple at the time was very limited. For this reason, Jobs gave to the last payment of MobileMe users extra storage in the company's new cloud: iCloud.

Until the 30th of September this year, the old MobileMe users could enjoy 20 GB of free storage plus 5GB that Apple gives to all its customers. The offer has expired and as of now, if users want to continue to enjoy this basic storage fee will have to pay the annual fee of $ 40.

Initially some users have seen these days as its free space had lengthened to 2050. However, Apple has informed that the message is erroneous. Therefore, from now on, those who do not want to pay for iCloud, will have to settle for 5 GB free that the company offers.

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