Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The attention to detail in the new Apple iOS maps 6

applemaps La atención al detalle de Apple en los nuevos mapas de iOS 6

The premiere of the map application in Apple iOS 6 has been marked by poor user acceptance . The limited accuracy of the maps and a database of places too old, has been the main problem of its release. The company's own CEO, Tim Cook, has stepped forward to apologize and commented that they are working to improve the application. Of course this is not something that is done in the overnight and if we look back, we see that applications today are wonderful (Google Maps) at the time of its launch had similar problems.

Apple iOS Maps 6: another example of attention to detail

Even with these problems, the map application is signed by Apple and this means, above all, great attention to small details. The image that accompanies these lines represents very well what I mean. Icons on the left are using Apple Maps to signal the different roads. Those on the right are using Google Maps Do you see the difference? So, Google uses the same icons for all roads, while Apple has decided to change the icon for a better road that we differentiate from others. A small detail that can help us in our daily life.

This is another example of the attention to detail that makes the Cupertino company in each of its products. Nothing is left to chance and although sometimes make mistakes, and the products do not offer everything we hope, normally the weather can stop this type of problem and finally the product meets the expectations of the company and the user. Perhaps the best example we have of this is MobileMe, a product that did not work as it should and it was replaced by iCloud, a service that does what it should from the outset and a phenomenal way.

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