Saturday, October 6, 2012

Strikes by workers at Foxconn hamper the production of iPhone 5

During the keynote presentation of the iPhone 5 , the apple company took care to emphasize that they had made ​​many changes in the production process of their devices. They were very proud of these changes, and thanks to them the new iPhone would be his best creation as to which parts fit and finish is concerned.

Problems with production of iPhone 5 ...

However, although these changes are making buyers happy, it seems that is causing big problems in the factories. A report by China Labor Watch a few hours ago, we reported that Foxconn workers have gone on strike because they are encountering problems in manufacturing the iPhone 5.

huelga trabajadores iphone 5 1 560x350 Las huelgas de los trabajadores de Foxconn dificultan la producción del iPhone 5

According to the publication, between 3,000 and 4,000 workers at the Foxconn factory in Zhengzhou have gone on strike. Besides reporting that employees were working during their vacation, his superiors were imposing very high quality standards, without the staff had received no training or learning about these new techniques.

Imagine what this entails: employees who are unable to meet quality standards because nobody taught them, and angry because managers have to pull these allegedly defective devices. All this puts immense pressure for the workforce of the factory, which already suffered a tough working conditions.

huelga trabajadores iphone 5 525x350 Las huelgas de los trabajadores de Foxconn dificultan la producción del iPhone 5

Not being able to meet the production quota that Apple required, deliveries of the iPhone 5 will be delayed a few weeks. Although not the only factory that produces the desired smartphone, some delay if we'll see shortly in Apple's online store.

In fact, they are already producing some unrest among workers demanding teach them to do what they ask, and personal control of the factory that aims to keep order. We hope you reconsider Foxconn managers and all this ends well.

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