Tuesday, October 9, 2012

StifleStand: hide Newsstand in a folder without jailbreak (Mac)

StifleStand Screeshot 600x396 StifleStand: oculta el Quiosco en una carpeta sin jailbreak (Mac)

Many people asked us when he left the kiosk with iOS 5 (over a year) and hide it in a folder, then there was a bug that allowed creabas do if you were getting into a folder and it very quickly, but this bug is closed. Now if you have an iPhone 5 or iPhone without jailbreak no way to hide it.

With StifleStand can hide it if you have a Mac. Filippo Bigarella, creator of Cydia tweaks like Springtomize 2 has created an application for the Mac that we create a folder called Magic and gets us into the kiosk application, just run the application, connect your iPhone to your Mac and click "Hide Newsstand ".

To use the icon out of the folder you need, you can not run it while inside. In that folder you can enter more apps without problem, not all such uses.

You can download it here.

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