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Steve Jobs already imagined the iPad in 1983

jobs ipad Steve Jobs ya se imaginaba el iPad en 1983

Since the death of Steve Jobs has appeared countless documents, videos, speeches, interviews and other on it. With each of these findings, we remember the genius that lay in the mind of Steve Jobs and sometimes, as we realize Steve Jobs was already thinking about products and devices that hit the market many years later.

So Steve Jobs defined the iPad in 1983

Now it appeared that Steve gave a lecture at the Center for Design Innovation in 1983. In this speech, Jobs answered a round of questions and answers. One of the questions was related to Jobs' vision of a "computer in a book", a computer that anyone can learn to use in 20 minutes.

Apple's strategy is really simple. What we want to do is put a very powerful computer in a book that you can carry around and learn to use it in 20 minutes. That's what I really want to do and what we do in est decade. I really want to do with a radio link on the device to avoid having to connect to any other device. Radio and connect it sufficient to communicate with other devices and computers.

What do you think of this definition? For the answer to this question Steve Jobs in 1983 we were already considering the iPad as a real device. Really the first product that was born within Apple with a similar description was the Newton, a kind of electronic diary which became a major failure of Apple. Some experts say that the device was ahead of its time and that if it had been a few years later would end up becoming a hit. Still laid the foundation for what later became the iPad and Apple gave some perspective on touch screens.

newton vs ipad Steve Jobs ya se imaginaba el iPad en 1983

There is no doubt that this type of response, unprepared answers, they arise from questions from the audience at a conference, are a great example of the genius of Steve Jobs. It was always said that Jobs was a visionary, a person who knew see what would become the future and so you should bet your company and this is a case where a full hit.

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