Saturday, October 27, 2012

Size and dimensions of the Microsoft Surface versus iPad 3

microsoft surface Tamaño y dimensiones del Microsoft Surface frente al iPad 3

A few days ago Microsoft released the Surface, the option to try to fight with the Apple iPad in the tablet market. Some lucky ones have been able to get their hands enzymes to the new tablet and even compare it to the iPad 3 .

Microsoft Surface comparing the iPad 3

In the video that accompanies these lines you can see a comparison of the new Microsoft outer surface facing the iPad 3. Both products are very different, almost at all levels. It is best to take a look at the video.

As we can see, is a device very long, much longer than the iPad, but also thinner. A combination interesting, since it allows the device with one hand.

As for the build quality, say it is far from approaching the Apple iPad 3. Apple is unrivaled in this respect, no other manufacturer comes close to the quality of construction of Apple products, at least so far. Given this, it seems that the build quality of the Microsoft Surface is excellent, at least that's what critics have said different technology. It is very different from the iPad (not aluminum) however, say, a solid feel in the hand.

How about the Microsoft Surface? Will this be the first match for the iPad?

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