Friday, October 26, 2012

Siri will be available in the iPad Mini, unlike the iPad 2

As we said in the introduction of the iPad Mini , if we look at the comparison page between different iPad models available, we see that the iPad Mini and iPad 2 share common characteristics Carias, and speculated something that was evident in the last Keynote.

Among these common elements, perhaps most important is that both devices have the same processor, ie the A5 chip, first built in the iPad 2.

The surprise comes when we see the iPad Mini incorporates Siri, as one of its features. For one, it's no surprise that the iPad Mini comes with built Siri, present in every new multitouch device company. However, it is surprising that, despite sharing the same processor, the iPad 2 was unable to ever be compatible with Apple's voice assistant.

Although not confirmed yet, maybe the reason is that the iPad Mini, among other improvements, may have better microphones that enable better functioning Siri, something we'll have to wait for the hands of iFixit and we make the common and autopsy on every new Apple device.

Anyway, the truth is that it is a little annoying for those owners of an iPad 2 to run out Siri with currently more questions of why Apple does not allow it.

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