Friday, October 19, 2012

Sherlock Holmes: Murder at the Diogenes Club, the book-game for iOS

Sherlock Holmes: Murder at the Diogenes Club is a book-game that mixes the style of "Choose Your Own Adventure" with an RPG in the old way, in which we must move forward as our initial skills, chance dice and the decisions we make in each moment.

To do this we will begin by selecting a number of skill points that will help us deal with different times in history, which according to our initial choice, take us down a path or another.

The game will allow us to take notes of the tracks we find, see the information about the character, inventory, maps, pictures ... all to create a better atmosphere and more sumerjirnos in history.

The book is not an original work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, but we will find characters and situations well known to fans of Holmes and Watson, Mycroft, Baskerville ...

In addition to the story of "Murder in the Diogenes Club" in which we will have to investigate (as Watson cousins) the murder occurred in the most prestigious club in London, the game includes a second story: Irish Star

The application is universal and in several languages ​​which include Spanish, so if you like to read, is a good opportunity to enjoy this mix of genres.

Sherlock Holmes 1

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