Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Sharp says the manufacturer is meeting the expected demand for Apple

 La fabricante Sharp asegura que está cumpliendo con la demanda prevista por Apple

During the last two weeks we have received news that the two companies making iPhone 5 screen, LG and Sharp, were experiencing problems meeting the expected demand for Apple. Hence, the new smartphone from Apple is experiencing problems stock in stores worldwide.

Sharp seems that since the situation has changed and it is being met with the expected demand from Apple. This was said an executive of the company, which claims that Sharp is making a large volume of screens for Apple's flagship phone. Therefore, the problems of stock of the iPhone 5 should be resolved in the coming weeks.

For now, Apple's website in the U.S., the waiting time to get an iPhone 5 are still 3-4 weeks.

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Source- Reuters

Article The manufacturer Sharp says it is meeting the expected demand for Apple was originally published in News iPhone .

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