Friday, October 26, 2012

Samsung Apple apologizes to his own way

Screen Shot 2012 10 26 at 5.18.01 PM Apple pide disculpas a Samsung a su manera

Apple has met today with the first part of the sentence which condemned him to apologize publicly for Samsung in the UK and South Korea do not recognize that he had copied the design of the iPad. By accessing the website of the company in the country, in the bottom of the page to find a link referring to the judgment of the trial between Apple and Samsung.

The first judge found that "Samsung products were not as cool as the iPad" and, therefore, was right that Samsung had copied its rival. Apple was sentenced to publish an apology on its official website and national media, but decided to appeal the sentence. Again, after the resolution of a second trial, it was right back to Samsung.

A Apple still had recourse to eventually, but for now has chosen to publish a statement apologizing to his way. The text begins reporting that the judgment concludes that Samsung tablets do not infringe any patents of iPad. Then Apple highlights the words of the judge who handled the case: "The iPad is notable for its design and is cooler than Samsung products."

Apple ends stating that other international courts of Germany and the United States ruled that Samsung had "played dirty" to use technology and designs of Apple in the manufacture of tablets.

More information, Apple will have to repair the image of Samsung in the UK

Source- Apple UK

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