Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Runaway Hidden be available on October 18

The last weekend we announced that plans to launch Pendulum Studios, thank Bulkypix, two of its adventure games in iOS version: Hollywood Monster 2 and Runaway a Twist of Fate . Well, we can confirm you that a third set of the Spanish company will land on the App Store this Thursday 18. Runaway is Hidden.

This version of the game, aims to tell the story of Brina and Gina, the protagonists of the original story, but instead of graphic adventure as it comes up as a game of fetch objects.

For this purpose, collate the original game cinematic story scenes with screens where we have to find objects or solve different puzzles to advance.

No doubt can be an initial disappointment for those who expected a graphical adventure of a lifetime, but knowing ahead as Hollywood Monsters 2 games or Runaway a Twist of Fate, is an opportunity to try something different, with good graphics and a tale of intrigue, murder and escapes not very common in this type of game.

Hidden Runaway 6
Hidden Runaway 5
Hidden Runaway 3
Hidden Runaway 2
Hidden Runaway 1
Hidden Runaway 4

The game will be in Castilian (which is appreciated in games find objects by name) and is Universal, so you can play it on iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, but the iPad sure is where you can squeeze more given the size of objects we have to find.

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