Monday, October 22, 2012

Rumors about the launch of the new "Mini iPad"

The Apple company has not denied or confirmed anything. But rumors, accurate or not, lately when it comes to the American company launches, multiply, and the arrival of a small version of the new iPad seems imminent.

In this post we'll talk about the buzz surrounding the launch of the new tablet iPad much smaller.

Last Monday, the newspaper The Wall Street Journal reported that some Asian firms that are supplies from suppliers of components make Apple commented the company received orders to manufacture ten million tablets smaller than the iPad for this last quarter.

The new iPad with a 7-inch screen

Rumors about a version of the iPad with a 7-inch screen and circulate for several months. The latest news that Apple would comment to the press, not too late, the presentation of the new "iPad mini" (so, it is speculated that the product is called). "This figure indicates that Apple believes that demand for the product will be strong, despite the stiff competition in the market, "according to The Wall Street Journal said. A few hours ago have started circulating on the Internet, some pictures that belong to the new devices.

As will be the new "iPad Mini"

The new Apple tablet will have a screen of 7.85 ", with a slightly lower resolution than that offered by the iPad. Designed to compete with the Google Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire , in the category of small tablets. These kits are sold at a much lower price than the iPad in a business model that delivers the lowest cost tablet because expected profits from the subsequent sale of content.

As discussed by the network, the "iPad Mini" could be designed more carefully than the last iPad. Moreover, it is said that Apple will not skimp on the aesthetics of the new "iPad Mini", may overshadow the new iPad.

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