Tuesday, October 16, 2012

RT price of Microsoft Surface tablet versus the iPad

The RT of Microsoft Surface tablet can become the star of this fall and Christmas, if not get an iPad Mini that stands up. We all know that one of the keys in this type of product is being added to the market is the price.

In fact, the first tablets that attempted to give competition to the original iPad or iPad 2 what went so wrong because they failed to put a price according to what they offered. We are talking about the Motorola Xoom or BlackBerry PlayBook, the host had not expected by the public.

precios surface frente ipad 622x350 Precios del tablet Surface RT de Microsoft frente a los del iPad

Times have changed since then, but the idea remains the same: you can not get a tablet right now with a higher price of the new iPad if you want the audience to consider. Here we offer Surface RT prices in dollars, as well as the new iPad , so that you can compare them against each other and decide whether they can coexist in the market or not.

  • RT Surface Touch 32GB without Cover: $ 499.
  • RT Surface Touch 32GB with Cover: $ 599.
  • RT Surface Touch 64GB with Cover: $ 699.

  • 16GB iPad with Wi-Fi: $ 499.
  • iPad with 4G 16GB: $ 629.
  • 32GB iPad with Wi-Fi: $ 599.
  • iPad with 4G 32GB: $ 729.
  • 64GB iPad with Wi-Fi: $ 669.
  • iPad with 4G 64GB: $ 829.

What do you think the prices that Microsoft has put its tablet? From these we can infer that the price of the Touch Cover separately will be at least $ 100. On the other hand, it makes little sense to buy this new Surface without your main accessory, which is what gives you all the power of a laptop when needed.

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