Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Punch Quest: mixing style action RPG with "infinite run"

Punch Quest is a game of such fashion as "infinite run", but with a number of factors that make it different and worthy of being tasted. And, for starters, to retro aesthetics pixel art is very neat, reminding SNES classic.

To continue, we have a game that mixes the run to infinity with a touch of RPG action, in which we will have to attack enemies, defend them, take treasures or choose different paths.

According avanzemos the screen, go up in level and collecting coins, which will enable us, once finished the game, buy upgrades, attacks and abilities to give us our adventure.

Punch Quest is Universal and is fully adapted to the screen of the iPhone 5, in addition to being able to play both horizontally and vertically.

The best thing is that it's free, so if you like his style, do not hesitate to try it yourself, and that for our part we highly recommend it: it's fun, beautiful, original and free.

Punch Quest

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