Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pricing and release date of the iPad Mini

The Mini iPad from Apple has just been introduced, and little by little we will get to know all the details. One of the things that interest us most users is the price and launch day, and in this post we will delve into them.

For starters, the new Apple tablet will hit stores in the United States on Friday of next week, November 2. We recall that this date had been rumored, but it was logical to envision if the device had a day like today. We assume that Spain will take to arrive at least another week.

ipad mini precios lanzamiento Precios y fecha de lanzamiento del iPad Mini

Regarding prices, they remain well above the tablets of the same competitive sector. Okay, it was clear that Apple was not going to put your new iPad Mini at $ 199 like the Amazon Kindle Fire or Google Nexus 7, but the price is the basic model is to think about it.

  • The WiFi model 16GB will cost $ 329.
  • The WiFi model 32GB will cost $ 429.
  • The WiFi model 64GB will cost $ 529.
And for the LTE mobile connectivity models:
  • The 16GB model will cost LTE $ 459.
  • The 32GB model will cost LTE $ 559.
  • The 64GB model will cost LTE $ 659.

ipad mini precios lanzamiento 2 Precios y fecha de lanzamiento del iPad Mini

What do you think about these prices? Personally, I think Apple should have reduced profit margins and put the basic model below $ 300 or 250 euros, but it sure is a factor to be considered thoroughly enough.

In any case, I am convinced that sales this Christmas iPad Mini will be spectacular. Especially among video game lovers and students.

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