Monday, October 22, 2012

Possible photo of a New iPad (iPad 3) with Lightning connector

nuevo ipad 3 lightning Posible foto de un Nuevo iPad (iPad 3) con conector Lightning

The rumor about the possible new modified version of the iPad 3 sometime in the fall, emerged last June. At the time, many thought that it was crazy Why would Apple update a product like the iPad 3 that only had a few months on the market?

But in recent weeks, the story has begun to take hold, and already several different sources that say the iPad 3 could be renewed in the event where Apple is expected to present also the new iPad Mini . The event will be held tomorrow, so the wait to see if there will be a new iPad 3 will be quite short.

Now, he has appeared an image of what is supposed to be an updated iPad 3, the same could be presented tomorrow. The most noteworthy change, and that can be seen with the naked eye, is the incorporation of the new Lightning connector that Apple released the iPhone 5 newcomer.

IGZO technology, better heat dissipation and renewed international LTE iPad 3

If the rumors are true, the new iPad 3 will feature the new IGZO display technology, better heat dissipation LTE domestic and international capabilities, ie, that could run on 4G networks outside the U.S., unlike the current model only works with the frequencies of the country of origin of the tablet. As for his appearance, barely visible changes (except the new connection port), but it would not be surprising that it was a little thinner and lighter than the version that is in stores now, thanks to the internal changes you would have to do to keep abreast of developments.

ipad 31 Posible foto de un Nuevo iPad (iPad 3) con conector Lightning

Would it make sense that Apple renew a device that has been in business only six months? Would sense because Apple was forced to do certain things when I presented that perhaps did not like too. The tablet is heavier and thicker than the previous version (the iPad 2) and addition of LTE technology currently available is not global. Maybe Apple had the feeling that they should not wait until next year to address these issues and therefore could launch a revamped version that solves these conflicts.

Of course, all this will not be confirmed until someone from Apple is up to the stage of the theater tomorrow in San Jose California, to present new developments that are scheduled. It is expected to be a very interesting keynote, though probably not see all the news of being talked about for a few months, sure some surprises during the presentation.

Keynote on the iPad Mini

The iPad Mini will be presented to society on 23 October. Will you follow the Keynote with us? If so, head over to the link below:

Keynote iPad Mini

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