Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Possible iPad design changes at the last minute Mini

iPad Mini Posibles cambios de diseño del iPad Mini en el último momento

Manufacturers of accessories for Apple products have a very tough job: guess which are the actual specifications of the new products of the company. Apple does not provide information, so they tend to work blindly or wait until the product is officially released to go to work.

Every time Apple releases a new product to market, these manufacturers have a golden opportunity to sell a huge amount of their products. It is the initial moment, the moment where people buy the new product as crazy and hardly any accessories for it. To have holsters designed for the device in question in the catalog of a manufacturer of accessories could be derived from sales peaks really impressive. Especially when it comes to accessories type protective covers or casings.

Apple could have made changes to the design of the iPad Mini in the last minute

In the case of the iPad Mini seems that things are complicated. There are many rumors about the device, but until yesterday had not seen any images that might look real and those that have appeared recently are not confirmed as somewhat different from the rumors that had been leaked so far.

New rumors say that Apple might have changed at the last minute the design of the housing, reducing rounded appearance that had been in the first images. If this is true, could call into serious problems for accessory manufacturers. Although it is likely that the future iPad Mini, follow the design lines of existing products and be like an iPad 9.7 reducing its dimensions, or an iPod Touch with a larger size.

No doubt this is a difficult market. The manufacturers have to work almost blind and approach, so it is surprising that virtually any time of launch, there are accessories designed specifically for the product Do not you think?

ipad mini ipad iphone Posibles cambios de diseño del iPad Mini en el último momento

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