Monday, October 22, 2012

Planetbeing updated Failbreak a Kernel Exploit

95672 Planetbeing actualiza el Failbreak con un Exploit de Kernel

We told you a few weeks ago that the jailbreak would chpwn not public because he used developer tools, this jailbreak works on iOS 6 and the iPhone 5.

The jailbreak, which was not made ​​public, has its first update, Planetbeing, hacker of iPhone Dev-Team has added a kernel exploit. It is a tethered jailbreak complete. Hopefully this new exploit can be used when someone gets a jailbreak "legal" iOS 6.

Meanwhile we still jailbreak iOS 6 or iPhone 5, and with little or no news on the progress of the same. Meanwhile developers are adapting their tweaks to iOS 6 by using this "Failbreak". The rest we can only hope.

Source - iClarified

More - The jailbreak of iOS 6 chpwn be reserved for developers only

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