Thursday, October 18, 2012

Photos of the alleged iPad screen Mini

pantall ipad mini Fotos de la supuesta pantalla del iPad Mini

Is approaching the date on which it is expected that the iPad Mini is presented. If the information contained in the rumors are correct, the factories responsible for assembling the device and the factories that build the components should be working at peak performance, so we suspect that we began to see different leakage components straight from employees factories.

ETrade The firm says it has obtained a series of pictures of what they claim to be the definitive screen iPad Mini. By filtering the information they know that this is a screen with a size of 162x124mm and has an aspect ratio of 4:3, which would fit perfectly with the specifications of the new Apple tablet.

This could be the future of screen iPad Mini

In the back you can see that the display manufacturer is LG Display. In addition, the text accompanying the ribbon cable that extends around the screen follows the labeling scheme often used Apple, so everything seems to fit perfectly and filtration could be the real future tablet screen.

pantalla ipad mini trasera Fotos de la supuesta pantalla del iPad Mini

In addition, also leaked a photograph of the alleged battery of iPad Mini. The new photo matches one that leaked a few days ago , at least at first glance. We do not know if there is change internally, but externally they are identical, except for the serial number: 616-0627 which has appeared today and which we saw 616-0641 for days.

Is this really the new iPad Mini display? You finally see the 23rd a new tablet created by Apple? The wait is really short, since the event is just around the corner, only five days separate us from the next Apple keynote. Are you going to follow in iPadizate?

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