Tuesday, October 30, 2012

PassHack: hidden applications from passbook (no jailbreak)

PassHack PassHack: oculta aplicaciones desde PassBook (sin jailbreak)

Now we have counted hide applications jailbreak iPhones without using a website: Rag3Hack , even made ​​a video you can see here . Now we are going to show how to do the same using the new application for iOS Passbook 6.

It works the same, select the application you want to hide, you asked to install an application on it that you want to hide and once this is done we can delete it quietly, like an app either. Of course do not need to jailbreak.

Here we tell you how: Enter the website PassHack from your iPhone or iPad

  • Click the "add to passbook"
  • This creates a "Pass" (Passbook entry), click Add in the upper right corner
  • Safari closes and opens passbook
  • Press the information button of your passbook pass
  • There you will see the links to hide each application
  • Press, select install and remove the application

If you want to retrieve the app just restart your iPhone

Source - IDB

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