Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Parody: "The Hunger Games" with Apple Maps

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What if Katniss, the protagonist of the film 'The Hunger Games', had used Apple maps in intense adventure? Things had not gone at all well, as shown in this parody dubbed "Hunger Games Parody Maps Apple HD Movie."

Apple was quick to improve their maps, but it is too late to Katniss, which uses an older version with voice assistant. Siri will cause all sorts of problems for the protagonist takes you through bridges that do not exist, to guide her final destinations are not what you expected, you have to go through hills that are actually falls ...

Yes, Apple's maps have improved, but the reality is that until a few weeks ago you never knew for sure where he could finish his journey.

Article Parody: "The Hunger Games" with Apple Maps was originally published in News iPhone .

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