Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Online course EscuelaIT SEO

cursoseo Curso SEO Online de EscuelaIT

SEO?? What's that?

The SEO, according to Wikipedia, is:

Search engine optimization, SEO or search engine optimization is the process of improving the visibility of a website in different search engines organically.

The search engine optimization is done in two ways: internally, within the site itself, and external, outside the pages to optimize.

Organic traffic is currently the largest and most profitable source of traffic and therefore something that we are dedicated to Internet we can not, much less, side and we have it controlled.

SEO Course EscuelaIT

If you have not found how to give your web project momentum for sales and generate quality traffic you expect, you now have the opportunity to learn from the best, in a new online SEO course that will take place from next Wednesday October 3. That is, TOMORROW.

This new initiative EscuelaIT, tutored training platform of DesarrolloWeb.com, has been able to summon much of the "figures" of the world of SEO in Spanish (among which is our boss) to defend a full program multidisciplinary you can learn from the course page .

Over three weeks teaching and 15 daily sessions live online, students can acquire the knowledge to improve search engine rankings and online marketing strategy, multiplying the chances of success of your website, personal blog or business online .

Teachers EscuelaIT SEO Course

15 top professionals worldwide share their knowledge and experiences with students:

  • Philip Maggi
  • Andrew Sico
  • Ricardo Tayar
  • Victor Hernandez
  • Arturo Marimón
  • Antonio Gonzalez
  • Solis Aleyda
  • Fernando Muñoz
  • Fernando Macia
  • Daniel Peris
  • Miguel Pascual
  • Connor O'Connor
  • Jose Llinares
  • Pedro Martinez
  • Carlos Redondo

All these great professionals with lots of experience. You can find more information on teachers from this link .

SEO Course fee EscuelaIT

The price is a joke, and that for only € 100 you can attend a course of high level from home, easily and conveniently.

iPadizate strongly recommend this course to all those who are being initiated into the exciting world of online marketing.

You can hire the course directly from the button below, but hurry ... There are only seats!


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Teachers Course

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That said, do not miss this great opportunity!

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